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The Energy@Home Association has the mission of developing and promoting technologies and services for energy efficiency in smart homes. based upon the interaction between user devices and the energy infrastructure. Its goal is to promote the development and widespread of products and services based on the interoperability and collaboration of the appliances within the household.

Domestic consumers

Fabio Bellifemine

Project Description

  • Communication is an enabler of energy efficiency that is not yet enough exploited in our houses as several independent infrastructures and devices currently exist which do not interact at all (i.e. power grid, gas network, telecommunication, home automation, white goods)
  • Energy@home envisages an holistic approach where the house is an ecosystem of connected and interacting appliances and sub-systems that coordinate themselves in order to optimize energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and create new services for end customers
  • Devices should be turned into “smart” products that are connected to a network, aware of how they are being used, able to inform the user about their status, to react to utilities signal, and able to be controlled by end users anywhere-anytime via their smartphones
  • Technologies that enable development of new tools and services should be defined to help users to deal with energy micro-generation and consumption, to increase awareness, to empower and to educate consumers to a virtuous use of home appliances towards a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Such an eco-system can only be created through the genuine collaboration between stakeholders from  every type of industries, including energy, telecommunication, ICT, white goods, home appliances and more
  • Energy@home aims to provide a forum for such a collaboration in order to allow these stakeholders to meet, coordinate and create common visions and solutions
  • Openness is crucial to the success as well as the collaboration with other Associations and Institutions already working at EU-level to reach our same ambitious goal

Project Results

  • A first set of technical specifications of the Home Area Network that have been integrated into the ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 standard
  • An interoperable and fully-integrated system comprising smart gateway, smart meter, smart plugs, and smart domestic appliances
  • A set of interoperability test events, including some ZigBee events hosted by Energy@home
  • An Italian field trial involving 50 users​ is running in Fabriano