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Cross-case analysis

Leader: TNO
Participants: Comillas, Enel Distribuzione, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNS, VaasaEtt


The ADVANCED knowledge base will enable cross case analysis among the AD pilots in Italy, Spain, France and Germany differentiating between consumer groups/segments and AD program types, taking regional prerequisites into account. In this work package we will draw preliminary conclusions on the key barriers to AD and the solutions to overcome them offering a first verification of the hypotheses underlying the conceptual models of active consumer‘s participation in AD formulated in WP1 and a pre-validation of the KPI’s will be carried out. The preliminary conclusions derived from the analysis will serve as a basis for the qualitative survey to be carried out in WP3 and the quantitative one in WP4.


The data gathering from the different ADVANCED pilot sites has just started.

Planned outcomes

Two official deliverables are planned as output of WP2:
D2.1) Consolidated ADVANCED knowledge base;
D2.2) Report describing the results of the cross-case analysis / preliminary conclusions.