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Dissemination and establishing links to the SAB and EEGI

WP7 intends to disseminate the achievements obtained in the project to relevant target groups and to exchange information with other significant AD projects and international initiatives.
The relevant target groups audience are consumers,  energy industry,  policy makers, technology providers, public institutions, scientific community. This WP is composed by three subtasks:

  • Elaboration of a dissemination and exploitation plan
  • Implementation of dissemination measurement
  • Coordination of information and knowledge transfer with the SAB and external stakeholders

Leader: Enel Distribuzione
Participants: Comillas, Entelios, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNS, TNO, VaasaEtt



Several initiatives has been and will be organized in order to disseminate the project outcomes as:

  • Participation in conferences and workshops
  • Workshops with the Stakeholder involved in the project
  • Publication of scientific articles
  • Elaboration and distribution of dissemination materials (e.g. project flyer)


Dissemination and exploitation plan was designed to plan and detail all the consortium dissemination measurements, at the end of the project it will be updated with the changes occurred during the project.
An initial flyer describing the Consortium, objectives and pilot sites considered in ADVANCED has been developed and published in the website.
Project website was finalized and will report the concept of the project to the general public, deliverables, publications and include a calendar of project events.
The first Workshop with the Stakeholder Advisory Board were done in March, it was a good opportunity to exchanged ideas and commented the first results of the project.
Next steps:

  • Other SAB Workshop are planned within the year
  • Papers and congress participations are planned

Planned outcomes

Four official deliverables are planned as output of WP7:
D7.1) Dissemination and exploitation plan;
D7.2) Project website;
D7.3) Report of the results of the SAB workshops;
D7.4) Dissemination reports.