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Identification of best practice solutions

A knowledge database has been created in previous parts of the project, which will be validated in this work package 5 of the project. Therefore the knowledge database will be analyzed and the KPIs applied to it. The analysis will include 3 categories of consumers: industrial, commercial and residential.  From this, conclusions will be drawn regarding the best practices for active demand design. Finally this work package also includes designing a communication umbrella of different action points aiming at spreading and sharing the message of the whole project.
Leader: VaasaEtt
Participants: Comillas, Enel Distribuzione, Entelios, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNO


The objectives of work package 5 are the following:

  • Validating the hypothesis and the KPIs generated from previous work earlier in the project and also identifying the key factors influencing the consumers’ participation in active demand.
  • Identifying best practice solutions to overcome the barriers to active demand.
  • Proposing holistic actionable framework indicating areas to be adjusted to increase the scale of the application of active demand in Europe.  
  • Designing communication umbrella to spread and share the message of the project.


The work on work package 5 currently aims to create an actionable framework for residential consumers as well creating one for both industrial and commercial consumers. These actionable frameworks all aim at making active demand more widespread and efficient for all 3 groups. Furthermore there is ongoing work on creating the communication umbrella including different and tailor made outreach steps for the consumer groups. The communication effort will explain the advantages and concept of active demand in a tailor made approach for the groups in order to make the groups engage in active demand.

Planned outcomes

The work package 5 will produce the following:

  • A report describing the validated conceptual models of active consumer participation in active demand.
  • Actionable framework for residential consumers and for both industrial and commercial consumers.
  • Communication umbrella designed for residential consumers and for both industrial and commercial consumers.