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Identification of (socio-economic) drivers

Through this work package, TNS opinion will be conduct through a network of experienced qualitative researchers around 20 in-depth face-to-face interviews in the four demonstration sites (France, Spain, Italy and Germany) by. A qualitative survey is by definition flexible and thus could bring us with the unexpected. It is a more open way to understand and explore how consumers used the AD technology. This is the best way to understand how the experience went for the consumers.
Leader: TNS
Participants: Comillas, Enel Distribuzione, Entelios, ERDF, FEEM,
Iberdrola, RWE, TNO, VaasaEtt


The main objective will be to gaining deep insights into the actual drivers and breaks of consumers’ behavior regarding AD, serving as a basis for the hypothesis generation for the quantitative survey. This way we could identify to real benefits and disadvantages of this technology for the consumers. The qualitative phase is crucial as the AD technology is rather new and no one can argue what the benefits/disadvantages are for the consumers. By interviewing consumers at their place, we will better understand their behaviours towards the technology used


Two official deliverables are planned as output of WP2:

D3.1) Booklet with discussion guides for different consumer groups and countries focusing on the AD percep;
D3.2) Report with the conclusions of the qualitative survey taking into account the socio-economic factors.