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Project management

This WP is coordinated by Enel Distribuzione and it interacts with all of the other WP and is the interface between the project and the European Commission. It is divided into four tasks:

  • Coordination of the Consortium
  • Quality Management
  • IPR management and ethics compliances
  • Formal reporting (to the European Commission)

WP8 Ensure an efficient execution of the project with effective performance management.
Leader: Enel Distribuzione
Participants: Comillas, Entelios, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNS, TNO, VaasaEtt


The objective and outputs expected from WP8 can be summarized as follows:

  • Coordination of the ADVANCED consortium composed of ten project partners working, organize periodic Operational Board to discuss progress and next steps of the project.
  • Coordinate and manage the project activities and provide continuous management support to all the project partners with tools, communications, template, schedule.
  • Use the resources available in a controlled and structured manner and ensure an appropriate quality of the results achieved.
  • Support Operational Board and General Assembly in executing their activities
  • Implementing an effective IPR management and the compliance with ethics principles
  • Ensuring periodically progress and cost reporting to the European Commission.


Two deliverables has been published:

  • ADVANCED’s project manual: In the manual instructions on the project implementation were included in line with the FP7 guidelines, the provisions of the Consortium Agreement and further agreed internal procedures
  • Design and implementation of ADVANCED’s online platform: The aim of the internal online platform is to facilitate the collaboration within the consortium

Progress in terms of effort and resources are monitoring and continuously updated as the technical project progress. A kick off meeting and two Operational Board were organized. 

Planned outcomes

Periodic and final reports to the European Commission with the progress and the resources spent by all the partners will be done.
A report with overall conclusions of the project as well as dissemination measures and exploitation of the results will be described.