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wp4.jpg Validation and extension of insights

TNS opinion will conduct a quantitative survey among 1000 interviews in eight EU Member country (as defined above), for a total sample size of n=8,000.

This will provide a statistically robust indication of the level of awareness / visibility of the AD project, at a total level and broken down by each of the Member countries. This sample will comprise a nationally representative sample of the adult population aged 15+.
This will ensure a large enough base of interviews to complete a more detailed analysis of the results of the survey at a country level for each of the 8 Member states.
This survey should be conducted in Italy, France, Spain and Germany as the countries of the ADVANCED sites as well as in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden/Finland in order to cover a large share of the European population.
The aggregated population of those 8 countries represent slightly more than 75% of the total European population.

Leader: TNS
Participants: Comillas, Enel Distribuzione, ERDF, FEEM, Iberdrola, RWE, TNO, VaasaEtt


The objective of WP4 is the validation and the extension of the conclusions generated within the qualitative survey by carrying out a quantitative survey among residential consumers.
This quantitative survey will provide a statistically robust indication of awareness, understanding and attitudes towards AD in Europe.

Planned outcomes

At the end of the WP4 a Questionnaire for the quantitative survey as official deliverable.