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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I join the community?

A: It’s simple: click here and register to the community by leaving your credentials to be qualified as approved member.

Q: How can I map my project?

A: If you are a project manager, you are welcome to join the community. As soon as you are enabled, start to post your projects! Login to the reserved area and upload a project from your personal page.

Q: What is Active Demand?

A: AD definition underlying the ADVANCED project is as follows:

Providing electricity consumers with information on their consumption and the ability to respond to time-based prices (either manually or automatically) as well as with other types of incentives, thus motivating them to actively manage their consumption by altering usage in line with the network conditions, such that modifications in consumer demand become a viable option for addressing challenges of electricity systems such as the increase of efficiency and reliability, infrastructure planning and investments deferral.

Q: What are the potential opportunities of AD for the system?

A: Previous studies dealing with the evaluation of the potentials / opportunities of AD addressed issues such as consumers‘ flexibility, network investments or energy losses in a rather isolated manner and following different methodologies. Moreover, these studies have relied on the assumptions regarding the flexibility of consumers that, at most, originate from the previous experiences carried out in other regions and without a detailed consideration of the boundary conditions of the particular experiment. Therefore, there is a great need for an empirically based assessment of the potentials / opportunities of AD following a systemic approach based on a large sample of empirical data, thus delivering a European picture of AD opportunities for the system. In particular, aspects such as the utilization of AD in grid emergency situations, for voltage regulation and power flow control as well as in the reduction of energy losses are considered by the European system operators as not sufficiently explored. That’s why this is one of the main objective of the ADVANCED project.