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The Institute for Research in Technology (IIT), belongs to the School of Engineering (ICAI) of Comillas Pontificial University of Madrid (Comillas). Its main aim is to promote research and postgraduate training in diverse technological fields through participation in specific projects of interest for Industry and the Government. It is a non-profit Institute, which aims to be flexible and pragmatic in the way it works. It is essentially financed by projects contracted by companies, and thus responds to a clear social demand.

ITT-Comillas is the leading institution in Spain on the development of integrated models for the operation and planning of electricity systems under deregulation, and has provided extensive international consultancy on electricity market designs and network regulation. It gathers more than 60 researchers and nearly 60 full time doctoral students. Its main activities are focused on the design and development of computational models of the diverse aspects of electricity systems as well as on advising and consultancy tasks, mainly about the analysis and design of new regulatory frameworks.

ITT-Comillas has participated in many European and national research projects addressing active demand management, the integration of renewable energies, smart grids technological developments, and the integration of electric vehicles. These research topics have been addressed at the generation, transmission and distribution levels. Relevant European projects are the following, in chronological order: ADDRESS, GRID4EU, TWENTIES, SUSPLAN, MERGE, RESPOND, IMPROGRES, SOLID-DER or DG-GRID.