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ERDF, Electricité Réseau Distribution France, a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF, manages 95% of the electricity distribution network in continental France. Every day, its 35,000 employees oversee the operation, maintenance and development of a nearly 1.3 million km network.

Public services duties:

This network belongs to local authorities (French municipalities or groups of municipalities), who subcontract to ERDF as an operator through a public service delegation. ERDF thus has 2 major public service duties.

  • Service continuity and quality: managing nearly 1.3 million km of electric lines, ERDF is responsible for continuous public electricity service. To fulfil this role, the company operates, maintains and develops the network. ERDF also invests in modernising and securing the network, particularly against extreme weather conditions.
  • Non-discriminatory access to the distribution network: in compliance with regulations, ERDF ensures that users have transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to the network. The company also guarantees the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information handled, having developed a code of conduct for this specific purpose. Adherence to this code is examined in an annual report submitted to the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie, France’s regulatory authority on energy

ERDF, in the heart of the open electricity market

ERDF contributes to the smooth operation of the electricity market by pursuing a twofold objective of quality and neutrality.

  • The quality of ERDF’s electricity supply is among the highest in Europe. To preserve this level of service, ERDF maintains and develops the network. The company also innovates to meet the needs of customers, electricity producers and electricity suppliers, particularly in the areas of information systems and metering.
  • ERDF contributes to the smooth operation of the open electricity market by guaranteeing non-discrimination against other parties in the network.

Today ERDF wants to share its skills and experience with distributors abroad. The company has founded ERDF-i, an international subsidiary that offers services including consulting or lease type delegated management.




Key figures (2012)

35 million customers
35,000 employees
€13.313 billion in revenue in 2012
€3.069 billion investments in 2012
11 million operations per year
1,3 million km of electrical network managed