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VaasaETT is a World leading Global Energy Think-Tank focusing on all issues relating to customer behavior and psychology in energy and utilities markets, including loyalty & switching, pricing, smart energy demand (including also demand response & smart grid) and the broader issues of marketing, competition and market efficiency.

VaasaETT has a staff of 10 researchers, analysts, administrators, policy and communications experts. The think tank also has a global network. VaasaETT’s network incorporates thousands of experts from around the world, representing hundreds of organizations. Experts are known personally to VaasaETT through past research, collaboration and partnership conducted throughout 20 years of extensive global partnership.

VaasaETT, through its massive breadth of expertise and collaborative business model, has become the World’s top source of expertise and data for global utility customer switching trends and dynamics; Europe’s best source of retail energy price data and analysis; arguably the world’s best source of benchmark information on effective demand response and smart grid programs; and a founding member of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC).

VaasaETT’s recent client list spans over 30 countries and four continents. VaasaETT provides three categories of services to its network and clients: Research and Consulting; Data and Analysis; and Collaboration (networking, associations and events).